Get Motivated, Get Results

Who is your role model? How would you describe this person? Motivated? Determined? What about your role model do you admire? Each day that passes is a chance for you to become a role model for someone else. Do not try to be your role model. Identify the qualities that you admire about them, whether it’s their kindness or their financial success and instill those qualities in yourself. Continue to be the person that you are today but allow yourself to grow and possess those qualities. Get up. Go do something today. Hold a door for a stranger, give a compliment to someone you don’t know, go for a walk, work on yourself! Pull yourself away from any and all negativity that you might have in your life and do something about it. Don’t sit around and wait for change to happen. Go make change happen. Life is short and this is your only chance to do it right!

Author: Invest in Yourself

A healthy mind is the place where dreams come true and a toxic mind is where nightmares come to life.

4 thoughts on “Get Motivated, Get Results”

  1. I love this idea. Too often, I see people searching for a whole-person role-model: someone about whom they admire every single thing. That person does not exist. If we set out to find a perfect person, then eventually we’ll find that our idol has clay feet… Role-models are also people! They will have positive and negative traits. Take the best; leave the rest. We will probably have multiple role-models in different areas. I admire one person for being loving; another for being astute and self-interested (as in relentlessly furthering his own interests); a third for being contented and collected no matter what. If we look for a fantasy, reality will always disappoint us.


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